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Vikoisoft - The leading Blockchain service provider and software development partner in Vietnam.

One of the top IT firms in Vietnam, Vikoisoft Joint Stock Company focuses on offering blockchain solutions and software development services to both domestic and foreign enterprises. Understanding the mission of researching and building the best IT solutions and products to bring real value ​​to customers, Vikoisoft constantly works to make beneficial contributions to the development of Vietnam's IT industry in particular as well as the development of the nation in general.

We are confident in our position and role in offering high-tech application services because of our extensive expertise in planning, designing, developing, and executing Blockchain projects as well as other IT services. All of Vikoisoft's successes can be attributed to the management team's professionalism, the enthusiasm and commitment of a group of talented IT professionals, and the customers' confidence and support.

With a youthful, energetic, and knowledgeable workforce, Vikoisoft consistently prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction as its development priorities. We always work to comprehend and meet every requirement of our customers, even the smallest ones. Coming to Vikoisoft, customers can be not only solved difficult IT problems with optimal and cost-effective solutions but also benefit from a professional, reputable, and absolutely effective working style.

In addition to offering Blockchain services and creating diverse software for all aspects, Vikoisoft hopes to establish itself as a new and prospective partner of all Vietnamese enterprises in particular and the rest of the world in general.


Blockchain is quickly emerging as the cutting-edge technology of our time. Vikoisoft was founded with the intention of being a prominent Blockchain solution and service provider in Vietnam, and becoming a trusted partner in all areas of blockchain application and intelligent software development for your business.


The goal of Vikoisoft is to break down the barriers associated with independent information technology by providing effective assistance for individuals and enterprises. Additionally, Vikoisoft makes use of the potential of blockchain technology to solve a range of issues with software and service development.

 human resources of 
Vikoi soft

Our company offers a team of full-stack programmers with years of expertise in creating projects based on Blockchain technologies, such as NFT market, game development, cryptocurrency exchange, e-wallet, smart contracts, etc. Additionally, Vikoisoft's developers are skilled in developing software for most aspects of daily life, including healthcare, education, commerce, business, and administration. The engineering team of Vikoisoft is confident in their ability to satisfy all customers ’ demands in every conceivable industry.


20 people with a bachelor's or higher degree


Master (05), phD (02), Bachelor  (03), and Engineer (13)


70% English, 10% Japanese, 15% Korean, and 5% other languages.


02 PhDs as part of the Research and Development Department


Human Resources specializing in executing Blockchain projects and technologies


Always a pioneer in appying the newest and most cutting-edge technologies


A group of engineers and full-stack programmers with a lot of domestic and international project experience


Expert of consulting and  implementing group