software development

Vikoisoft provides software development services in various industries and uses.

Web Application

Vikoisoft's experts always listen and carefully understand the requirements of customers, thereby drawing up a development flow chart, and consulting in accordance with business needs. Vikoisoft develops applications for a wide range of domains such as e-commerce, management, orders and sale consulting, business data aggregation, work reporting, etc.

  • Designing Web / Homepage (responsive)
  • Creating EC sites, shopping sites
  • Creating/Customizing CMS (Wordpress/Magento/Joomla)
  • Coding HTML/CSS/Javascript modules for existing systems


Mobile Application

Mobile applications are also gradually becoming a great potential, attracting the source of potential customers that you are looking for. Vikoisoft develops mobile applications which are compatible with many operating systems, the most popular of which are iOS and Android.

  • Native apps (iOS/Android)
  • EC sites, shopping sites
  • Cross-Platform Applications (Xamarin.iOS/Xamarin.Android/Xamarin.Forms)
  • Hybrid applications (Cordova based, such as ionic, OnsenUI)
Desktop Application

Vikoisoft develops desktop applications that are compatible with well-known operating systems, including Windows and macOS. These programs will make it easier to work effectively and satisfy a variety of customer demands. They will also be more convenient to use, quicker to access, and simpler for users to search.

  • Windows/.NET platform application (WinForms/WPF)
  • Qt/JavaFX Cross-Platform Application
System integration

In addition to its proficiency in creating software applications, Vikoisoft also has skills in maintaining, enhancing, and adding features to enterprise systems. System integration is considered an effective solution to the most complicated needs and issues faced by businesses, especially in highly adaptable technological issues.

  • Java/J2EE platform development
  • .NET platform development
  • System integration and maintenance for businesses
  • Functionality addition and customization
UI/UX Design

UI Design: We have experience designing user interfaces (UI) that provide users with information they need quickly and easily, provide clear visual information for navigation, and encourage users to take action. (Acquisition, payment,...)

UX Design: The cutting-edge UX design used by Vikoisoft complies with the "sense" design trend, which consistently leads users to the precise impression of what they are searching for, which goods match their needs, and where the user is.

Responsive website & landing page design

Businesses typically choose responsive website design when creating websites that can adapt to any changes in technology. Vikoisoft will provide responsive site designs that display well on all types of devices, browsers, screens, and operating systems.

  • Compatibility with a variety of devices
  • Result enhancement for search engines
  • High flexibility
  • Simple website maintenance by just updating the css and html as necessary


Outsourcing is one of the typical high-quality services at Vikoisoft

Vikoisoft expects and confidently accepts requests from customers, even difficult problems. A team of experienced PMs and engineers will discuss and sketch development directions together, based on which Vikoisoft will give specific advice and choose a solution that is suitable for the budget while satisfying all requirements of customers.

  • Reduce operational expenses for the business
  • Hiring external IT staff can save the company a lot of money, time, and resources compared to establishing an internal IT department.
  • Increase production and business efficiency
  • Using outsourcing services will relieve the workload for staff members, allowing full concentration on tasks that are beneficial for business operations.
  • Effective access to cutting-edge technologies
  • Nowadays , customers often have extremely high standards when it comes to selecting outsourcing partners. Nevertheless, if businesses want to directly implement novel technologies, a considerably large amount of budget is expected to be spent. The outsourcing service offered by Vikoisoft provides products that can help businesses access to the state-of-the-art technologies without significant investment.
  • Reduce risk
  • Software and products demanded by customers will be thoroughly developed by our engineers. Furthermore, if any technological issues arise during the operational period of our products, it is VIKOISOFT’s duty to deliver support in time.

  • Compile consumers’ requests
  • Explore, meet, investigate requirements, pay attention, and internally discuss.
  • Consult
  • After the internal discussion about customers’ requirements, VIKOISOFT consults with customers, listens to customers’ opinions in order to come up with solution proposals that satisfy customers’ both requirements and budget.
  • Sign an agreement
  • When the terms and conditions are agreed by both sides, an agreement of collaboration is signed.
  • Implement
  • VIKOISOFT's PM team, engineers, testers, and interpreters (if necessary) carry out project implementation according to the proposed flow. Customers will monitor and collaborate with the Production Team during the project execution via an exchange channel and daily/weekly meetings.
  • Test
  • Before delivering to the client, our testers and developers will work together to make sure the final product is as comprehensive as possible.
  • Handover and acceptance
  • UAT and VIKOISOFT customers correct errors (if any)
  • Warranty